Hi!  I’m Susan, and welcome to my blog!

I am an Economist by trade, but I spend my nights baking.  Show me a recipe for a pie, cookie, cake, crumble, etc., and I want to go make it…immediately.  I love, love, love to make pies.  It is something about the crust.  I usually stick to cookies though, since they are easier to transport.

I have always been a baker.  My sister and I used to make brownies for our swim team coaches starting when we were under 10 years old.  The importance of my baking increased when I began graduate school and my outlet from school came through cooking — whether it was going over to my brother’s house on Monday nights to make dinner and watch 24 or trying every cookie recipe from the Hannah Swensen series (http://www.murdershebaked.com/ – I even tried the tomato soup “mystery” cookies).  I made cookies for my college friends whom I missed dearly and who lived too far away and most often for my classmates whose waistlines grew a little bit because of me.  Sometimes I baked every night, if I could.

Through this blog, I hope to share a few recipes with you.  I realize that I’m just one of a thousand food blogs, and I’m not trying to compete – in fact, I’ll probably refer to other blogs more than my own.

My desserts are not works of art, but I hope you enjoy because I enjoy sharing them with you!!

Have any suggestions on what I should make? Feel free to pass it along!

Me at age 5 baking a cake.


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