Floy Curl’s Chocolate Pie

Originally posted August 31, 2011

“Floy Curl’s Chocolate Pie.”  I’ve had this recipe in my recipe binder as long as I can remember.  I had never made the pie, and I always wondered whom Floy Curl was.  Well, now both issues have been solved!  The pie is delicious and Floy Curl is our family friends’ grandmother and great-grandmother!

I was home with my sister a few weeks ago, so of course we had to bake something!  I’m not sure how we settled on chocolate pie, but it was an excellent choice.  We swapped the meringue topping with whipped cream and grated some chocolate over the top to make it look pretty (for the blog, my family doesn’t really care what desserts look like. We are more concerned with the taste).  Houston was so hot (it is August) that the butter started to melt in the pie crust, so I had to pop it in the fridge for awhile.

My nephew Reid was an integral part of making the pie.  He supervised while drinking some tea (you think I’m joking, but I’m not, check out the pictures below).

Alternative Butterscotch Pie (I hope to try this soon): Substitute dark brown sugar for cocoa and add an additional tablespoon of flour.

Floy Curl’s Chocolate Pie

Prepare a crust (I used the one from the blueberry pie)
Bake until golden.



Warm the following over low heat for a minute or so, stirring constantly:
1 cup sugar
4 T. flour
6 T. cocoa
Make a well and add 3 egg yolks.


Slowly add and stir in:
1 ¾ cup milk (preferably warm)
3 T. butter
pinch of salt


Remove from “fire” (that’s what the recipe says) when thick and bubbly.

½ tsp. vanilla

Pour into baked crust.
Add whipped cream on top  (the key to making whipped cream is to have all utensils (bowl and beater) cold before whipping up the cream, adding sugar (1/4 cup), and a little vanilla (1/2 to 1 tsp.).


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